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Alligators are a type of reptilian predators that have adapted to the wetland environment very well. Their physical bodies, behaviors, and their physiological processes have adjusted to their environments over centuries.

The eyes, nostrils, and ears of an alligator are found on top of its head this allows to move through water without much disturbance, while keeping the important parts of its body above water level. With the eyes, ears and nostrils above the water, he can still move towards its prey while still being able to see, hear and breathe without any difficulty.

When the alligator goes underwater, the eyes and nostrils close automatically. Even though their eyes are closed, a third transparent eyelid that covers their eyes, still lets them see. It’s similar to a pair of goggles. When semi-submerged the alligator looks similar to a frog, because his eyes are above water level.

The size of the alligator’s head has also become bigger, to help him maneuver through tough vegetated areas by crashing through them with its head.

The alligator’s extremely thick and tough skin helps protect them against their harsh environments because they often have to push through heavy vegetation, stay for long periods in the sun, and deal with prey that often put up a good fight.

Their skin also helps as a great camouflage in their environments of swamps and lakes.