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American Toad

The American toad is a brown medium sized amphibian that is found in many deciduous forests around the world.

These amphibians are quite comfortable adapting to their surroundings with their only requirement being a semi-permanent source of water for breeding season.

The reason they only breed in semi-permanent fresh water ponds is another adaptation. These ponds since they do not have water all year round are not inhabited by fish, which would eat the toad’s eggs.

They have stout bodies with short legs and very thick skin. This skin is covered with big yellow and red warts. These warts have glands that release a poisonous bufotoxin, which has a terrible smell, and taste that keeps the predators away.

The toad’s skin changes from yellow, to brown, to black, depending on the temperature, humidity, stress. This also is an excellent camouflage for the creature.

Another key adaptation of the American toad is that it is nocturnal. This means that it can hunt for food in peace without becoming prey of potential predators. Its short legs however do not help him much when he tries to escape, as they do not allow him to jump quite high.