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Freshwater Shrimp

Freshwater shrimp are found in ponds, and have adapted to their environment through bodies that are flattened sideways.

They also have five pairs of segmented legs that allow them to swim sideways once they use their front legs to crawl along the bottom of a pond.

This sideways movement pushes water over their bodies, which allow them to get the required amount of oxygen for breathing. This movement allows them to hide under stones and rock, away from prey.

Because they live underwater, they breathe through their gills. Their bodies are curved like a half moon, which they stretch out when they swim. They look almost transparent although they are a pale green color. Males are about 20 mm, while the females are smaller.

Shrimp have three pairs of legs that are attached to their thorax. They use their tail to swim, while the three pairs of legs help them to jump. Together, these functions help the shrimp move fast from difficult situations.

They feed on dead plants and animal remains.