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Rocks and Minerals
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Plant Adaptations
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Solar System

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Jaguars are large wild cats, often found close to water sources, especially in the tropical rainforests of Central and South America. It is the third largest feline after the tiger and lion and its markings are similar to that of a leopard.

They are great swimmers, and therefore feel most conformable around water. They feed on a variety of large and small animals like turtles, birds, and reptiles.

Their limbs are short but extremely strong, as well as their teeth and jaws which are very sturdy. Working together, this system is a swift killing machine, often able to take a prey down in a single blow/bite between the ears, directly targeting the brain.

Their short stocky limbs also help them to crawl, swim and climb with exceptional speed. Their agility also helps them adapt to the rainy atmosphere of the forest. They can stay on top of trees for months on end if the forest floor is flooded.

Although it is known as an endangered species, their presence is vital for the smooth functioning of the eco system.

They also ensure their survival by hunting alone. They have the skill to ambush and kill a prey without the help of other jaguars.