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Jane Goodall (1934- present)

Researcher, anthropologist, primatologist, ethologist

Jane Morris Goodall is a British researcher best known for her study of chimpanzees, on environmental conservation, and animal welfare.

She was born on the 3rd of April 1934 in London, England, and her love for animals sprung from a huge lifelike chimpanzee her father gave her when she was little.

She named it Jubilee and the toy still sits in her bedroom.

Her fascination for animals took her to the Kenyan highlands in 1957, where she initially worked digging fossils.

She soon got involved studying a group of wild chimpanzees and three years later, Goodall observed chimpanzees eating meat, which allowed her to disprove the theory that they were vegetarian animals.

She went onto learn how they behaved with one another, how they solved problems, handled tools and many to her things.

These observations led her to believe that chimpanzees were quite like humans.

Unlike most researchers working with animals, Goodall used to name her little research friends. Even though some people criticised them, her love for animals was clear seen.

She is a strong supporter of animal rights and animal welfare, and has been fighting for their rights for years. She was also the president of the Advocates for Animals organization in 1998, and 2008.

She has been awarded many awards, and honours for all the enlightening work she has done with chimpanzees and for the environment.

She was also named the United Nations Messenger of Peace in 2002.