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Rocks and Minerals
structure of earth app
Structure of earth
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Simple Machines
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Animal Adaptations
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Plant Adaptations
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solar system app
Solar System

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Magnets App

'easyLearn Magnets' is a simple, fun & interactive way for kids to learn about Magnets. The facts are presented in a very simple manner and with lots of pictures, kids can learn the facts, practice what they learned and then take the quiz and check their answers.

It covers all the basic facts that elementary and middle school kids need to learn, about what magnets are, types of magnets, their properties, magnetic field, magnetic poles, magnetic domains, earth magnet & magnetosphere, compass needle, magnetic materials, ferromagnetism, paramagnetism, diamagnetism, magnetization, demagnetization, alnico, ceramic(ferrite) & neodymium magnets, lodestone & magnetite, how electricity & magnetism are related, electromagnets, uses of magnets in various industries Ex. in generators & motors, junkyard magnet, magnetic toys, magnets in the household like refrigerator magnets, magnetic storage like audio tapes & CDs, electromagnets used in many devices used to produce sound like speakers, in medicine like MRI Scanner & many other uses, magnetic levitation & maglev trains, scientists that worked on magnetism and magnetic animals like magnetotactic bacteria etc.

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