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rocks and minerals app
Rocks and Minerals
structure of earth app
Structure of earth
simple machines app
Simple Machines
magnets app
adaptations in animals app
Animal Adaptations
adaptations in plants app
Plant Adaptations
diseases app
solar system app
Solar System

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Solar System App

'easyLearn Solar System' is a simple & interactive way for kids to learn about the Solar System, Space and Astronomy. The facts are presented in a very simple manner and with lots of pictures, kids can have fun and learn at the same time.

It covers all the basic facts that elementary school kids need to learn, about the Sun and other important Stars, all 8 Planets including Earth, important moons of all planets including Earth's Moon, Dwarf Planets, Asteroid Belt, Comets, Constellations, Meteors, Universe, Galaxies, Nebula, Black Hole and other space objects, Astronauts, Space Shuttle and many other spacecraft.

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