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Fur clothing is those that are made from the fuzzy fur of furry animals. It is estimated that over 50 million animals are violently killed every year for this purpose.

People think that the fur used to make clothes is obtained from animals killed in slaughterhouses for their meat.

This is not so. Animals that are used for fur production are especially bred in special conditions especially to kill them for their fur.

Many organizations and countries around the world strictly prohibit the use of animal fur and killing of animals for it, but it still sadly continues.

Fur is considered one of the oldest forms of clothing and had initially been used in Central Africa and gradually spread to the rest of the world.

However, because many organizations are against it, as an alternative the clothing industry has started making synthetic textiles that achieve the same end as fur.

Some of the most common animals used for their fur are fox, rabbit, beaver, cat, dog, otter, mink, possum, coyotes, and chinchilla. Depending on the quality of the fur, their prize too changes.

Fur clothing is made from the animal pelts where the animal’s hair has been left on. The chemical processing of fur uses table salts, acids, sawdust, bleachers, dyes and toners.

Workers who work in these plants suffer from various diseases because of the fur dust.

A person who makes, repairs, adjusts, cleans and works with furs on animals is called a furrier.

With increased technology, man has started producing fake furs “faux fur” from synthetic materials that imitate the feel of real furs so that more animals can be saved.