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Hardwoods are another type of natural wood that is found on deciduous (trees that seasonally lose their leaves) trees.

These trees have broad leaves, produce flowers and because they are seasonal trees, during winter they do not produce food.

Hardwoods are theoretically considered denser than softwood, but this is not always the case.

Therefore, there is no particular way of categorizing softwoods and hardwoods, so the type of wood depends on the tree it is taken from.

When looking through a microscope the characteristics of hardwood are more complicated than softwood.

The main difference at this level between the two types is that hardwood has little vessels or pores.

Hardwood is also used for construction purposes like softwood, but is also used as fuel, tools, to make musical instruments, for flooring panels, cooking, to make barrels, and to make charcoal.

Hardwood is considered more expensive than softwood because the trees supplying this wood are now quite little (because they have been exploited).

To make up for this shortage other cheaper artificial woods have flooded the markets, like medium-density-fibreboard (MDF).

Even though softwood is also used for building campfires and cooking, hardwood is considered better because they burn hotter and longer.