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Lead is a very poisonous metal that either is naturally on earth, in its pure form or combined with other minerals.

Man has been mining lead for many centuries even though many countries take added precautions to protect miners because it is such a poisonous element.

However, the production and the need for lead and lead based products has been increasing yearly, and today the world uses about 8 million tonnes of lead a year.

This may seem rather alarming, but the good thing is that about half of that is produced from recycled lead products and goods.

About 35 years ago, lead was found in high levels in paints, but now, it has been found to be very dangerous for human health, and paints do not have very much of it.

In fact, lead poisoning is considered an extremely dangerous condition, especially for children.

Lead particles can enter the body through breathing, or drinking water polluted with lead particles.

Alchemists believe that lead is one of the world’s oldest metals and is often associated with the planet Saturn.

As a metal, lead is very heavy, and is found very commonly around Europe and the Mediterranean.

Because it is a soft metal, it is easy to work with, to mould into whatever shape or size one wants.

Lead is also used to absorb sound, as x radiation shields, and to absorb vibrations. It is used as fishing weights and anchors in ships.

Since lead burns easily, it is sometimes coated on the wicks of candles, used for certain types of military weapons, and in batteries.

It is very valuable in the manufacturing industry because it is used to produce other metal alloys, bullets, sheet metal, batteries, paints and many more.