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Nylon is one of the most commonly used polyamides. Polyamides are a type of polymer made from a type of protein called amide.

A polymer is a substance made from combining many molecules of a chemical together to make a larger molecule.

Nylon is a silky artificial material that was first produced back in the 1930s by Wallace Carothers.

At that time, it was first used to make toothbrushes, and then ladies stockings.

Nylon became the first commercially successful synthetic material because it was manufactured to be an artificial replacement to expensive silk.

The early military parachutes were made of silk, but when silk became more valuable, they were replaced with the less expensive nylon.

Today, nylon fibres are used for making fabric materials, bridal veils, carpets, music strings, and rope.

Solid nylon is used to make machine gears, and machine screws, and nylon products are also used for engineering.

Nylon is an extremely strong fabric and through the years, scientists have strengthened it even more.

It does not absorb water, which is why it is a great fabric to use for outdoor shelters like tents, sleeping bags, and even sails.

Because it can stretch, and bound back to its original shape, it is a great material for ropes, and even the gut in tennis rackets, and fishing lines.

It is a lightweight fabric and very easy to dye, and difficult to stain or damage.

Even though nylon can withstand oils, solvents, or alcohol, it cannot survive contact with certain acids like sulphuric acid. This breaks the fabric down.

One of the most recent advancements in nylon is making spoons and cake pans from it. This material is heat resistant to up to 4200F.