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Pesticides are substances that are used to get rid of unwanted insects, weeds, bacteria and other organisms.

There are many forms of it but three main categories; insecticides are used for insects, herbicides are used for weeds, and fungicides are used for fungus diseases.

Some forms of pesticides are used inside the home and even to clean swimming pools too.

The pests that are found in our gardens are not all bad. Most of them actually help pollinate plants and prey on annoying insects we do not like.

Some of them however are bad for our plants because they gnaw at parts of them and prevent them from growing (to yield a crop).

There are different types of pesticides that work on different parts of the insect to destroy it.

Those that affect the insects nerve cells are the most common (most of them are insecticides), and they are dangerous for humans because they have the same paralyzing effect.

Therefore, when farmers use pesticides they are required to wear protective gear to cover their skin, eyes, nose, and mouth to prevent accidentally getting sprayed or swallowing.

While all pesticides are considered poisonous, some are more so than others are. The effect they have on children is more dangerous in both cases.

With everyone getting more involved in green (healthy) living, many companies around the world have started recycling empty pesticide containers.

Since they had highly poisonous contents they are passed through a special treatment process.

When dealing with pesticides it is always very important to read the labels on the container carefully to reduce chances of an accident.