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Platinum is a member of the platinum group of elements and is found mixed with other elements like iridium, osmium, palladium, ruthenium, and rhodium.

Platinum metals are found is various natural deposits in America and around the world and has many uses.

The symbol for platinum is Pt, and it is the 78th element in the periodic table. In its natural state it is soft, heavy, and silvery whitish in color.

It is considered very precious because it is not very common, and is in fact more expensive than even gold. It is an extremely stable elmenet, so strong acids do not damage it.

It does not react to any chemicals, and this means it does not even corrode (at high temperatures even).

Since it is rather soft, it can be moulded to make many shapes, and is ductile because it can be pulled into wire too.

One of its earliest uses was when native Columbians produced artefacts from it, after they discovered natural platinum deposits in the sands of the rivers in their regions.

Today, platinum is used most to make jewellery (more precision than gold), but also for laboratory equipment, dentist equipment, in vehicles, and as electrical contacts.

It is coated over some materials to prevent them from corroding, and on missile nose cones, and fuel nozzles of jet engines to protect them at high temperatures.