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Rocks and Minerals
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Structure of earth
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Simple Machines
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Animal Adaptations
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Plant Adaptations
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Solar System

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Plywood is a type of inexpensive, yet strong and flexible type of wood which is made of thin layers for wood being glued together.

Each layer of wood is about 3 millimetres thick, so the plywood is not heavy, even though it is very strong.

The inside layers are made from an inexpensive wood, while the outer layers are from a better type of wood to give the product a good appearance.

These layers are placed together, then glued to each other and finally compressed under heat to ensure everything is neatly pasted inside.

The finished product is then cut to whichever sizes are needed.

Because it is not as expensive, many people use plywood as an alternative to hardwood and softwood.

Plywood was first made in ancient China and Egypt, and introduced to America only in 1865.

School desks, furniture, wood panelling, floors, and pantry cupboards are made mostly from plywood.

The special making process it undergoes ensures that it does not bend, misshapen, or shrink.

Unfortunately, its edges cannot be covered and can therefore be unattractive (because the different layers of wood can be seen).