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Tin is the 50th element of the periodic table and its symbol in Sn. It was discovered many thousands of years ago and has remained an important element since.

It is a silvery white metal, that can be shaped easily, and does not corrode or damage by sea, or soft water.

However, it does corrode under strong acids, and acid salts, and is used in a melted form to produce window glass, and tin foil.

Therefore, tin is used to coat other metals to prevent them from corroding and our tin food cans are made of this– when metals are coated with tin.

Tin is a common element on Earth, found in types of igneous rock (rocks made from volcanic matter) called cassiterite, and even in granite.

The tin element is extracted when cassiterite is roasted in ovens, but it melts quite easily without very high temperatures.

Tin was especially important during the Bronze Age, but after iron was discovered it became less so.

Tin has been known to be mixed with other metals like copper and lead to make pewter, a cheaper metal that looks like silver to make fake jewellery and jugs.