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Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is something that we use every day, but many of us do not know much about it.

Toilet paper was used as far back as 851 AD in China. Until the 14th century Ming Dynasty, there was no mention of toilet paper in the history of the world.

The Ming dynasty used soft cloth that was cut into squares, which were often perfumed, and made especially for royalty.

The rest of the world however, was not as lucky. Before toilet paper really became popular man used some rather incredible ways of cleaning himself.

The Romans were said to have used sponges on a stick that were soaked in salt water, while in the English aristocracy used pages from books.

During the Middle Ages, the common man used straw, hay, and grass, while sailors used to use the frayed ends of an old anchor cable to clean themselves.

Americans used corncobs, newspapers and leaves, while Inuit (Eskimos) used snow and moss.

Did you know that the French royalty were perhaps the most incredible? They used lace. Other wealthy people around the world used perfumed lace.

Given this history, would you not wonder what we would be using today, if toilet papers were not invented?

Joseph Gayetty is the man we need to thank for inventing the toilet paper in 1857. He started selling medicated paper but many people did not want to buy it because they used all kinds of freely available things at home.

Soon after that the Scott Company started producing rolls upon rolls of a modified version of Gayetty’s toilet paper, and suddenly, the world never looked back.

Toilet paper is not only used for cleaning ourselves. They are also used for wiping eyeglasses, nose care, for removing makeup, and as industrial wipers.

The main reason for this is that the material used to make toilet paper, pulp, absorbs, or soaks up very fast.

There are two main types of toilet paper: one ply and two-ply. One ply toilet paper only have one layer of paper, while two ply, has two layers.

More companies have started making only one ply toilet paper (which is considered stronger than the earlier, two ply) in an effort to save paper and the environment.

The latest type of toilet papers to hit the markets is pre-moistened wipes on a roll. Many companies have started producing these now, as well as the earlier dry ones, to ensure that they reach a wider amount of shoppers.