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Diamond Leaf Willow

The Diamond Leaf Willow is also known by the names Plan Leaf Willow, and Tea-Leafed Willow. It is a species of willow, and its scientific name is salix planifolia.

This plant can grow in arctic and alpine tundra and is often found in Canada and the Northern states of America.

It is a shrubby plant, ranging in size from very low and bushy to about 9 meters high. The oval shaped leaves are smooth or dented, with glossy upper surfaces and sometimes silky hairs. The tree’s branches are soft, thin, and flexible.

This plant, like many plants in the tundra grows close to the ground, so that it can use the soil’s heat to keep warm.

The fine hairs on the leaves are another adaptation to the freezing temperatures. These act as little overcoats, which trap moisture and heat, keeping the leaves sealed and warm.