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Kangaroo Paw

The Kangaroo paw is native to the eucalyptus forests of Western Australia, and got its name because the curvy shape of its unopened flower looks a lot like a kangaroo’s paw. This plant is also considered the floral emblem of the region.

Growing in the savannahs of Western Australia, this plant has had to adapt itself to the climate and region by going through many changes.

A closer look at the plant reveals that it is covered in lots of fine hairs. Botanists believe that the fine hairs are to keep herbivores away, as the hairs do not taste very good.

Since the savannahs are quite dry, these hairs also serve to protect the plant from the dry weather, by keeping all the water from evaporating with the hot sun.

The plants flowers are its main attraction. They are red and green, which is why the plant is also called the Red and Green Kangaroo Paw.

These flowers attract many insects because of their bright colors and sweet tasting nectar. This allows the plant to pollinate as the insects carry the pollen.

It has a strong stem, which can grow up to about a meter, gives the visiting pollinators a place to perch on.

This plant is very strong and grows in barren or gravelly disturbed soil without needing much water.