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Moss Campion

The Moss Campion is among the many different plants that make the alpine biome their home. Most types of plants found in these areas are either leafy or mossy. The few plants that live up here have to fight for survival, and the Moss Campion is no different.

The cold weather and tough growing conditions make the plants that live here rather fragile. This does not however prevent some of them from thriving.

This plant only grows up to about 2 to 6 inches so it hugs the ground in the shape of a mound, receiving warmth and protection from outside forces. This is mainly because wind never blows strongly closer to the ground, and therefore smaller mound shaped plants, like the Moss Campion are not exposed to the wind.

The great thing about the mound shape of the Moss Campion and other similar flower plants of the alpine is the temperature inside of it is several degrees above the outside temperature. This warmth prevents the plant from freezing and dying.

This plant grows together, almost like a community. This too is an adaptation against the harsh weather conditions of its habitat.