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Wild Flowers

Wildflowers are found growing all over the alpine regions and are actually one of nature’s greatest irregularities.

These plants manage to survive the harsh conditions by their small size, which keeps the plants’ buds and flowers shielded from bad weather while decreasing their need for food.

They too, like the Moss Campions grow like little dense cushions, which protect them from harsh winds.

Most wildflowers have dark leaves, which allow them to absorb more heat from the sun. in these alpine regions, sometimes the sunlight is a luxury. Plants with dark leaves are able to capitalize on the little time they have.

Some other types of wildflowers are able to protect themselves by growing their buds underground or very close to it.

Most wildflowers have leaves that are flexible so they can bend in the wind without being uprooted or blown away.

Another important way that these plants survive is by living more than one season; they are perennial plants.

Some of the most easily identifiable alpine wildflowers are the alpine marsh violet, bluebells, goldenrod, saxifrage, and alpine azalea. However, these are only a few of the wildflowers found in this region, which is in fact full of different varieties.